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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ceramic underlayment innovation-DITRA

Looks like at this moment the construction field innovation made a huge step forward tanks to Schluter and their DITRA.
Ditra it’s a membrane made out
of polyethylene that has a particular grid structure on one side and an anchoring texture in the other which make it easy to adhere to the sub floor with just thin set mortar.
This membrane has the function of layer between the sub floor and the tiles neutralizing any tension transmitted from the substrate to the top.
Is then a valid substitute to any CBU (Cement board underlayment) with a lot more features;
in fact Ditra it also works as bridge on any cracks there is on the sub floor avoiding these too reach the surface. Being also waterproofing its able to compensate water penetration and other aggressive or harmful substances.
The side that goes glued down its capable of some sort of channels that allowed the moist coming from the sub floor to evaporate in the air.
Thanks to the empty cavities present on the one side DITRA transfers all the heavy weight of the floor directly and uniformly on the sub floor and also it doesn’t allowed any tear to the membrane from frictions.
Ditra is wonderful on any kinds of sub floors like
cement,concrete,laminate or synthetic,plastic even tar and of course wood.
Particular attention need floor for exteriors, especially in patios subjects to rain
I will also talk in future posts about the methods of installation and the downfalls about DITRA.


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